Technology Served on a Silver Platter

Company Profile

Rashed Al Mazroui for Technology and Information Supplies (RAMCO) is a leading system integrator, providing enterprise IT/IP solutions covering a wide range of industry sectors and businesses.

RAMCO is a member of the Mazroui Group, a strong and efficient organisation of 14 companies specialising in IT and electro-mechanical systems. These companies have built a strong reputation based on long and extensive experience in their respective fields. Present in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, the group employs 600 highly qualified personnel and achieves sales of more than $60 million, constantly maintaining annual growth of 15-20 percent.

RAMCO is affiliated to ICC, a turnkey IT supplier based in Beirut, Lebanon. RAMCO has built remarkable partnerships with the most important technology providers. Our main focus, however, is not simply to sell products: we consider these as a means to help us provide comprehensive and carefully designed systems for our clients, creating tangible results and increasing business efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver enterprise-wide technology, based on high-quality products and professional services, and to improve our client’s business productivity and performance by providing complex, efficient, and structured systems with simple, user-friendly interfaces.

Our aim is to offer continuous professionalism, distinction, and innovation. To reach optimal results and ensure exceptional quality and service standards, we invest in highly skilled professionals and provide them with continuous training and certification procedures.

Our partnerships and alliances with leading technology firms and service providers allow us to strengthen and increase our capabilities on behalf of clients, backed by a wide range of qualified resources.

We strive to provide right-sized state-of the-art solutions, delivered by qualified professionals and tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Our Values

Meeting our customers’ needs – we help our customers achieve results by increasing their performance, reducing costs, and enabling them to access the right information at the right time. By building strong and mutual relationships and empowering our customers, we succeed in empowering ourselves.

Challenging our people – we ensure that our people consistently rank among the finest professionals in systems integration by continuously improving their technical and managerial skills. Our challenging and team-building environment allows us to achieve and advance.

Delivering quality – we are committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services and to our customers by closely following the highest industry standards. We always strive to exceed client expectations.

Why choose RAMCO?

We distinguish ourselves by:

Meeting – and exceeding – our customers' needs by improving their business productivity and performance.

Creating strong partnerships and alliances with leading technology firms and service providers.

Investing in continuous training and certification for our highly-qualified personnel.

Delivering quality by closely following the highest industry standards.




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