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Our Solutions - Monitoring System

All networking equipment is maintained inside the server room. It is therefore essential that the equipment and its environment are monitored carefully to avoid damage to the system.

RAMCO offers a system to monitor server rooms that is small in size, energy consumption, and price. This system can be extended with the optional alerting hardware and environmental sensors. Our range of environmental sensors (ServersCheck) enables the client to monitor the internal performance of systems as well as the external conditions in which they operate.

The sensors enable easy monitoring of temperature, humidity, flooding, or power failure in computer rooms. When an error is detected, the software alerts users through multiple options which include email, text messages, and voice call (modem or Skype). Alerts can be sent to individual users and linked to team settings with escalation options. With a GSM modem for text alerts, a user can acknowledge by sending a text message back to the software. This hardware-based solution ensures that alerts are still received even if your IP network is down.

Application and network:

  • Network (PING, TCP, Tracert etc)
  • Internet (HTTP, URL, FTP etc)
  • Bandwidth and traffic
  • SNMP and SNMP trap receiver
  • Email (SMTP, POP3 etc
  • Application (Lotus Notes etc)
  • Windows (Health, CPU, disk memory etc)
  • Linux/Unix (Health, CPU, disk memory, etc)
  • Database (ODBC, mySQL, Oracle etc)
  • Hardware (Dell OpenManage, Ciscoworks etc)

Environmental and security

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Flooding
  • Power failure
  • Motion
  • Dry contact
  • Smoke
  • Glass breakage




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